Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ghost Boat ?

We are still sitting at Braunston, our engine has now been serviced and Richard the engineer left unhappy as he could find nothing to worry us with! It was good to catch up with him and hear how the folk up on the Shroppie are getting on.
Today was composting loo emptying day ( whoopie ) and Baz was the lucky winner again in the    " who gets to dig " competition, we still have mixed feelings about the composting loo, we do like the freedom it offers us, particularly when cruising, but it carries a few down sides too -  the electric fan ( vent ) is on 24/7 and at night is annoying, we used to love the silence of the countryside at night,occasionally interupted by the cry of a bird or wind in the trees. The fan also dumps the smelly air onto the roof, where it can sometimes get back into the boat via the roof mushrooms, or be smelt while cruising as we stand on the stern, we sometimes worry that others can smell it if they are moored nearby, other than that it's err fine.

Last night we were both woken late at night by the sound of a boat, we could hear the engine getting closer, then a ghostly flickering light could be made out through our porthole, the boat past slowly, by now Baz was opening the porthole ( obscured glass ) to see what bloody fool was boating at this time, as it passed he checked the stern and could see nobody on it ! Ghost boat ! or another silly hire boat with the twit on the tiller bending into the boat for another beer ? We won't know now, perhaps that's a good thing.

Micky Jay seen from the path to the village

A zoom shot showing those solar panels doing their stuff

A boat approaches us

The cut starts to get busy, everybody seems to start moving at the same time

At the waterpoint, this 4x4 and trailer tank fills up with C&RT water, hope it's legal

The main part of the canal trading area at Braunston

Plaque to the Brays at the side of the cut - a real canal family

Well, we have done a silly thing, Ali dragged Baz to look at some vintage boats that are for sale, and of course Baz has now fallen for a trad boat with a 1946 Lister JP2 engine,........ watch this space !

Bye for now,
Baz and Ali.

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